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Posted on September 3rd, 2010

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from August 2010.

Lion fish with diver in background
Lion fish with diver in background by rob_white_scuba

Dark Roasted Blend posted an interesting photo series called “Dwellers In The Abyss.” Seldom-seen underwater life-forms are featured.

Scientists have proposed invasive lionfish in the Atlantic may be fished for the food trade.

A new underwater submersible vehicle, the Scubacraft SC3, was released last month.

A 27-year-old diving instructor from Bulgaria claimed to have the world’s longest scuba dive in salt water.

Posted on August 2nd, 2010

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from July 2010.

Wine at 70 ft
Wine at 70 ft by Jamie and Greg

Dive shops on Florida’s east coast are seeing a surge in business, probably due to the BP oil gusher disaster contaminating or expected to contaminate Florida’s Gulf Coast diving spots.

A Russian diver who outfitted his pet Dachshund with a scuba kit expected to take the dog on open water dives after successful pool trials.

A British aquarium got into the Wimbledon spirit by developing an underwater tennis game, complete with specially weighted balls.

A scuba diver armed with a metal detector found a $7k engagement ring at the bottom of Lake Minnetonka.

Scuba divers exploring a cave in the Dominican Republic discovered the remains of a 3,000 year-old Hispaniola monkey. The BBC captured video of the divers collecting the specimens.

Scuba diving was officially declared a “hazardous activity” in California. Gov. Schwarzenegger signed the bill, which releases state and local governments from liability associated with diving.

Scuba divers in the Baltic Sea found bottles of champagne believed to be over 200 years old. There are thought to be a total of 30 bottles in the discovery; the divers consumed the one bottle brought to the surface so far.

Posted on July 1st, 2010

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from June 2010.

LDWF Biologist Rescues Oiled Sea Turtle
LDWF Biologist Rescues Oiled Sea Turtle by lagohsep, on Flickr

Last month, a Key West resident found a camera in scuba housing washed up at a local marina. By investigating clues found in the photos, he was able to find the owners of the camera, who live in Aruba. The camera was lost in November 2009 during a dive. Remarkably, somewhere between Aruba and Key West, the camera was turned on by a sea turtle. The encounter resulted in an interesting video.

The United States’ largest scuba center, Diventures, opened in Omaha, Nebraska, in June. The shop hopes to certify 400-500 divers a year.

Scuba divers brought cameras along for a dive off the coast of Venice, Louisiana in early June. Their video documents fish swimming through murky, oil-infested waters.

Oil has appeared along the coast of Hurghada, Egypt, a popular tourist town and scuba diving destination. An offshore oil platform is leaking, and the oil threatens marine life as well as the tourist and scuba industry of the Egyptian Red Sea.

The crow’s nest bell from the famed ship Andrea Doria was recovered late last month.

A law firm representing a scuba diving business based in Montgomery Alabama has filed a lawsuit against BP and other companies with ties to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Posted on June 1st, 2010

It’s nearly time for the cuttlefish breeding season in the Dutch waters of Zeeland. Each spring, the animals travel from the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea to the Oosterschelde to mate. The cuttlefish, called inkvis or sepia’s in Dutch, are related to octopi and squid. The cuttlefish season marks a high point in the excellent diving opportunities found along the south portion of the Netherlands in the Zeeland province.

In honor of the upcoming duikgekte, or diving craze, over the sepia’s, this week’s highlighted t-shirt for scuba divers features a logo-style design including an iconic image of a cuttlefish. Most available t-shirt styles feature the logo in the pocket area of the front and a full-size print on the back of the tee. Zeeland Divers Holland is made for anyone who has enjoyed the great scuba diving and marine life to see in Zeeland!

Posted on May 25th, 2010

This week’s highlighted t-shirt designs are based on a phrase scuba divers know well: Take Only Memories, Leave Only Bubbles, Kill Only Time. We have used the phrase in two of our original designs. The circular image is surrounded by the quote, and inside is an illustration of marine life. The two versions are Take Only Memories (turtle) and Take Only Memories (fish).

Take Only Memories T-Shirt

Take Only Memories T-Shirt

Posted on May 4th, 2010

This week’s highlighted t-shirt designs are all inspired by collegiate athletics. Property of Diving Dept hoodies, t-shirts and other apparel are available in seven different varieties. Three are shown here: Property of Diving Department; Property of Snorkeling Dept; and Property of Rescue Diving Department.

Property of Diving Dept T-Shirt

Property of Snorkeling Department T-Shirt

Property of Rescue Diving Dept T-Shirt

Posted on May 1st, 2010

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from April 2010.

OctopusOctopus by PacificKlaus

  • Precision Diving blog had an interesting article about diving under different measurement systems: Metric vs Imperial: Which is the Best for Scuba Diving.
  • Jaunted recently ran a review of dive spot Mermet Springs in Illinois, which features underwater attractions including a dive-through Boeing 727, a school bus, and an ambulance. Read more about this strange scuba spot.
  • In New Zealand, an octopus grabbed a scuba diver’s digital camera while the diver was taking video. The diver managed to get the camera back so the whole order was caught on tape.
  • The Gulf Coast oil spill disaster is still unfolding. Besides sealife, the spill is disastrous for other wildlife, including migratory and nesting birds. The Drinking Bird’s excellent blog post Complete and Utter Disaster is a brilliant commentary on the spill from a birder’s perspective.
  • Posted on April 27th, 2010

    This week’s highlighted t-shirt designs are all inspired by the popular oval euro-style sticker design. Inside the oval are scuba acronyms for different certifications or other scuba terms. 11 different Scuba Diving Ovals acronyms available in black & white or scuba diver down flag background. Shown here are OWD (Open Water Diver), SCUBA, and DB (Dive Buddy).

    OWD Oval T-Shirt

    SCUBA Oval T-Shirt

    DB Dive Buddy T-Shirt

    Posted on April 20th, 2010

    This week’s highlighted t-shirt designs are based on some of the world’s most popular and beautiful scuba diving destinations. Our I Love Scuba Destinations designs use a scuba diver down flag color scheme inside a heart to show you love the place for the great diving. There are 13 destinations to choose from; here are three: I Love Florida; I Love Sharm; and I Love Sipadan.

    I Love Florida T-Shirt

    I Love Sharm Jersey

    I Love Sipadan Tee

    Posted on April 13th, 2010

    This week’s highlighted t-shirt designs are all based on the word for scuba in different language: The Language of Scuba. The word is spelled out using white block letters, with a red stripe passing through them diagonally as in a diver down flag. There are eight ones to choose from; here are three: Buceo (Spanish); Plongee (French); and Tauchen (German).

    Buceo Hoodie

    Plongee T-Shirt

    Tauchen Jersey