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Scuba Notes for February 2012
March 2nd, 2012

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from February 2012.

Killer Whale, Orcinus orca
Killer Whale, Orcinus orca by Bill Bouton

A New Zealand diver rescued a Killer Whale that had been tangled and caught in a crayfish pot. The story includes dramatic video of the tangled animal crying out for help.

A scuba stunt kicked off a new display at the Sea Life London Aquarium. Scuba divers joined sharks in their tank for afternoon tea.

A scuba diver helped a North Dakota man pull off a unique marriage proposal during an ice-fishing outing. Check out the video clip from a local station on what must have been a slow news day – it was their lead story!

Scuba Notes for January 2012
February 1st, 2012

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from January 2012.

Ship Wreck from civil war
Ship Wreck from civil war by amanderson2

New species of crabs were among the discoveries recently made by an underwater robotic vehicle sent to study the icy cold waters of the Southern Ocean. The expedition was a collaboration between the British Antarctic Survey and two universities.

The Civil War wreck USS Narcissus will become an underwater preserve in Florida. The tugboat wreck lies in 15 feet of water.

A diver in Seminole County, Florida, found a 1930’s-era class ring while diving with a metal detector. He managed to track down the owner and return the ring to the owner’s family.

An amusing video of underwater ice fishing scuba divers surfaced early in January.

Diver discovers WWII plane wreck… and an invasion
January 4th, 2012

A scuba diver in Jupiter, Florida discovered what may be a WWII-era plane submerged in 200 feet of ocean water. The amazing find unfortunately seems to be a haven for invasive lionfish.

Invasive Lionfish
Invasive Lionfish by NOAA’s National Ocean Service

Scuba Notes for November 2011
December 1st, 2011

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from November 2011.

94/365 - LEGO SCUBA Diver
94/365 – LEGO SCUBA Diver by puuikibeach

Another lionfish event in Florida resulted in the elimination of over 1500 invasive lionfish from waters in the Florida Keys.

Visitors to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky will be able to enjoy a holiday attraction called Scuba Santa’s Water Wonderland from November 25 to January 1.

A wetsuit company has developed a stealth wetsuit which conceals the faint electric signals divers emit while underwater. The wetsuit is meant to allow divers to approach underwater wildlife without being detected by those electric signals.

Australia is planning to create the world’s largest marine protected park off the northeast coast of the island nation.

A diver found a Canon camera while scuba diving off of Vancouver, British Columbia, and was able to track down the owner – who had lost the camera a year earlier.

Scuba Notes for October 2011
November 1st, 2011

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from October 2011.

Vladimir Putin made scuba headlines in August when he reportedly found ancient Greek jugs while on a dive. It was recently revealed that the “discovery” was a sham; the jugs were planted prior to the dive.

PADI recently added an RSS dive news feed to their smart phone app.

Italian researchers published a study comparing the number of headaches suffered by scuba divers versus a control group. The study found that divers suffered fewer headaches than non-divers.

Liquid Image recently unveiled a new HD scuba mask camera.

A blogger with the travel site Gadling recently went scuba diving in the Maldives with Fabien Cousteau.

Cody Unser, daughter of Indy driver Al Unser, has a foundation which focuses on paralysis research. A recent study found that scuba diving may help paraplegics regain sensation.

Portuguese divers recently discovered the wreck of a 1977 Swiss air crash.

Scuba Notes for September 2011
October 2nd, 2011

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from September 2011.

Snuba in Aruba
Snuba in Aruba by triplezero

Scuba diver Allen Sherrod went for his third attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest freshwater dive. The Lake David, Florida dive was scheduled to finish on september 16th after 120 hours. The dive was successful.

Professional divers are using Sony Readers at depths of 300+ feet with custom-fitted waterproof and pressure proof cases by GATE.

Travel website Gadling posted an interesting article about the popularity of SNUBA.

CNN ran a story about unusual dive spots, including the continental rift in Iceland, and the Neptune Memorial Reef in Florida.

A young Iraq war veteran died in St. Petersburg, Florida after a scuba tank he was carrying exploded. The accidental death was under investigation because scuba tanks do not normally spontaneously explode.

A South African scuba diver was found hours after a friend reported him missing – in jail for diving in a protected area without a permit. Read: Missing scuba diver found in jail.

Scuba Notes for August 2011
September 5th, 2011

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from August 2011.

Wreck / 沈船(ちんせん)
Wreck / 沈船(ちんせん) [UNESCO World Heritage Ogasawara Islands]

Divers in Texas conducted a survey in the Brazos River to determine if any threatened species would be disturbed by planned construction.

SSI is joining forces with Ocean First Divers and Sustainable Travel International to develop a green scuba certification.

A diver who took up the sport in his 58th year is the UK’s oldest scuba diver, at age 91.

PADI expected to certify its 20 millionth diver last month.

Gadling posted a nice online gallery of UNESCO Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites, many of which cannot be dived.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin apparently found ancient Greek jugs while on a dive at Taman Bay in south Russia. Quite a find for someone on just his third dive.

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation is auctioning off a scuba diving adventure with Buzz Aldrin.

Scuba Notes for June 2011
July 1st, 2011

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from June 2011.


Scuba divers have captured amazing images from beneath the sea off the Japanese coast in the wake of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

A spider with the ability to breathe underwater, using an air bubble and web-based “gill,” was dubbed “scuba spider.”

MLS player Roger Levesque of the Seattle Sounders celebrated a goal with a unique mock-scuba boat-style entry fall. You can see an animated GIF of the celebration here: The Scuba Dive Soccer Celebration.

Florida Republican Representative Allen West took the American Flag with him on a recent scuba dive, an act forbidden by the Flag Code. According to the Code, the American Flag must not touch anything beneath it, including water. West was leading a group of veterans on a diving trip off the coast of Deerfield Beach.

Scuba Notes for May 2011
June 3rd, 2011

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from May 2011.

Kona Airport
Kona Airport by Erik Charlton

The wreck of Captain Kidd’s pirate ship the Quedagh Merchant will become an underwater museum off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Submerged in just 10 feet of water, the site will be accessible to scuba divers as well as snorkelers.

An Australian diver set a new scuba depth record of 194 meters while cave diving in New Zealand.

A newly-sunk Communist-era plane has become the world’s largest underwater airplane. The artificial reef lies 22 meters under the surface.

Scuba Notes for April 2011
May 3rd, 2011

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from April 2011.

Nitrox Tanks on Boat
Nitrox Tanks on Boat by dweekly

The Divers Alert Network launched an online store in early April. The DAN online store offers safety and educational gear.

OregonLife published an interesting piece on volunteer scuba divers at the Oregon Zoo and Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Deep Sea News reported on a study which contends that Nitrox diving may harm blood vessels.

Divers in the Florida Keys will once again be able to legally hunt lionfish, an invasive species, over three separate events.

A dive shop owner went scuba diving while dressed up as the Easter Bunny.

Comedian Jim Carrey appeared at an aquatic-themed party in full scuba gear.