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New scuba museum opened in the UK
August 1st, 2011

The Gosport Diving Museum, the first diving museum in the UK, recently opened. The BBC has an audio slideshow showcasing some of the exhibits. The new museum claims to have the best range of scuba diving equipment on display in all of Europe. Have you been to the Gosport museum? Is it worth the high praise?

T-Shirt Tuesday: Zeeland Divers Holland
June 1st, 2010

It’s nearly time for the cuttlefish breeding season in the Dutch waters of Zeeland. Each spring, the animals travel from the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea to the Oosterschelde to mate. The cuttlefish, called inkvis or sepia’s in Dutch, are related to octopi and squid. The cuttlefish season marks a high point in the excellent diving opportunities found along the south portion of the Netherlands in the Zeeland province.

In honor of the upcoming duikgekte, or diving craze, over the sepia’s, this week’s highlighted t-shirt for scuba divers features a logo-style design including an iconic image of a cuttlefish. Most available t-shirt styles feature the logo in the pocket area of the front and a full-size print on the back of the tee. Zeeland Divers Holland is made for anyone who has enjoyed the great scuba diving and marine life to see in Zeeland!

T-Shirt Tuesday: 3x I Love Scuba Destinations
April 20th, 2010

This week’s highlighted t-shirt designs are based on some of the world’s most popular and beautiful scuba diving destinations. Our I Love Scuba Destinations designs use a scuba diver down flag color scheme inside a heart to show you love the place for the great diving. There are 13 destinations to choose from; here are three: I Love Florida; I Love Sharm; and I Love Sipadan.

I Love Florida T-Shirt

I Love Sharm Jersey

I Love Sipadan Tee

Another top scuba list – with videos!
January 26th, 2010

A few spectacular scuba destinations would probably top every diver’s list, but no two top 10 scuba lists are the same. The 10 great destinations for scuba diving adventure list recently posted by Gadling blogger Troy Thompson goes a step further by sharing videos of his top picks. Here’s a taste; see the post for the full list and all videos.