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Scuba Notes for February 2011
March 3rd, 2011

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from February 2011.

Untitled by

PADI released the PADI App for iPhone and Android platforms this month. Users can search for PADI dive centers worldwide, or use the “current location” feature to find nearby centers.

An expedition heading to the North Pole will allow participants to skydive and scuba dive on the same trip. The tour operator says it will be the first time both activities are offered in the same expedition.

Ice fishermen in Minnesota found the catch of a lifetime when they reeled up a scuba diver. Disturbingly, the fishermen “had never seen [a dive flag] before and didn’t know what it meant.”

A popular commercial scuba diver was apparently killed by great white sharks off the coast of South Australia.

Christian J. Lambertson, an early scuba pioneer, died at the age of 93. Dr. Lambertson wrote a paper on a proposed “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus” in 1952, coining the word SCUBA.

The World Resources Institute reported that approximately 75% of the world’s coral reef are threatened by human activity and climate change.

The Ring Finders
January 12th, 2011

A unique website brings together amateur, hobby and professional metal detectors with those that can use their service. The Ring Finders is an online directory of people willing to help others find lost valuables with their metal detector. Naturally, many of the “ring finders” are scuba divers whose underwater skills can help those who have lost valuables while sailing or otherwise enjoying the open water. If you enjoy metal detecting while scuba diving, why not sign up as a Ring Finder?

They’ll give any character a C-Card!
January 3rd, 2010

Even Mickey Mouse! Check out this fun video of Mickey Mouse scuba diving at Epcot.

I know there are also scuba diving Santas, but I’ve never seen one. Have you ever seen a character underwater?

Dive the Great Wall!
September 27th, 2009

Parts of the Great Wall of China are submerged underwater. The “travel mixologists” at luxury travel company Urbane Nomads are offering travelers the chance to dive parts of the Great Wall that are underwater. Read all about it at Urban Daddy.

Diver exploring the Great Wall of China underwaterDiving the Great Wall, from Mathiew Meur’s flickr stream

Submerged Jesus statue amputated
April 24th, 2009

The arms of a submerged statue of Jesus were hacked off 75 feet below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea in Italy.

Known as Christ of the Abyss, the statue was placed in position in December 2000 and has become a landmark for local divers.

There are several other similar underwater statues elsewhere in the world, like this one in Key Largo, Florida (photo from the State Library & Archives of Florida photostream).

Scuba diver looking at the "Christ of the Abyss" bronze sculpture at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park: Key Largo, Florida

Read more about the hacked statue here.

Frogmen flashmob in London
April 22nd, 2009

Happy Earth Day!