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Scuba Notes for September 2011
October 2nd, 2011

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from September 2011.

Snuba in Aruba
Snuba in Aruba by triplezero

Scuba diver Allen Sherrod went for his third attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest freshwater dive. The Lake David, Florida dive was scheduled to finish on september 16th after 120 hours. The dive was successful.

Professional divers are using Sony Readers at depths of 300+ feet with custom-fitted waterproof and pressure proof cases by GATE.

Travel website Gadling posted an interesting article about the popularity of SNUBA.

CNN ran a story about unusual dive spots, including the continental rift in Iceland, and the Neptune Memorial Reef in Florida.

A young Iraq war veteran died in St. Petersburg, Florida after a scuba tank he was carrying exploded. The accidental death was under investigation because scuba tanks do not normally spontaneously explode.

A South African scuba diver was found hours after a friend reported him missing – in jail for diving in a protected area without a permit. Read: Missing scuba diver found in jail.

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