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Scuba notes for September 2010
October 1st, 2010

Here’s a short wrap-up of notable scuba stories from September 2010.

Scuba Beer
Scuba Beer by Charlie is here

Salvage divers recovered what they believed to be the world’s oldest beer. The wreck, where intact bottles of champagne were also found, is located in the Baltic Sea. The beer bottles are approximately 200 years old.

An odd-looking fish, an individual Asian sheepshead wrasse, has been nicknamed Shrek due to its unusual appearance. The fish was seen off the coast of Japan and is estimated to be 30 years old.

An old oil-drilling rig in the Pacific Ocean has been turned into a hotel which caters to scuba divers. The Seaventures Dive Resort is located between Borneo, Indonesia and the Phillippines. The rig-turned hotel is nothing close to luxurious, but the crystal clear waters are the attraction.

A Madrid ad agency dressed up a mannequin as a dead body and placed it at a popular dive spot. The stunt was to promote a new television channel, Fox Crime.

A scuba diver in Florida attempted to break the record for the longest freshwater dive. The attempt was aborted after the diver began to suffer from flu-like symptoms after three days, four days short of the goal.

During a lionfish tournament in Key Largo, divers collected more than 500 of the invasive fish. Future tournaments are planned in Marathon and Key West later this year.

Liquid Image has introduced scuba masks which have a built-in video camera. Several models are available, including a unit that records HD video.

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