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Apparel and Novelties for Scuba Divers

Welcome to Servopuff's Scuba Stuff your source for hundreds of original scuba designs on thousands of scuba t-shirts and gifts made just for scuba divers. Looking for great diving gift ideas for your scuba diving friend or buddy? Check out our unique scuba diving designs below, available on t-shirts, stickers, buttons, hats, bags and more. Servopuff's Scuba Stuff has scuba gifts for everyone.

Scuba Diving Tees & Gifts
Original designs made just for scuba divers on t-shirts, apparel and novelties. Scuba flag designs, great scuba lingo and unique diving-themed gift ideas for scuba diving enthusiasts. Includes our Elements of Scuba t-shirts.
Funny Scuba Gifts
Our unique collection of funny scuba designs will make you & your dive buddies laugh out loud! These original funny scuba t-shirts and funny scuba diving novelties make great gift ideas for scuba divers of all levels!
Pop Culture
These unique pop culture scuba designs are inspired by advertising campaigns, television shows, video games, movies and popular music. Our fun scuba-themed spoof t-shirts & novelties make great scuba diver gifts. Check out our fun Have Fins Will Travel tees.
Scuba Around the World
Scuba diving can be enjoyed all around the world - wherever there is water! Whether you have to travel for great diving, or prime dive spots are right in your own backyard, here are some fun souvenir t-shirts & gifts for scuba destinations the world over.
Certified Diver Gifts
Here are some great, unique certified scuba diver gifts! Certifications include Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Enriched Air Diver. Perfect for anyone that recently got their scuba certification!
Diving Milestones
These medallion-style designs commemorate scuba diving milestones. Treat your dive buddy with a gift to remember their special achievement - reaching that special number of logged dives! From 25 to 10,000 dives.
Scuba Flag Characters
This collection of scuba flag characters includes every letter of the alphabet, all colored with the red-and-white diver down scuba flag. Punctuation and other symbols are also here, in unique scuba diving style!
Marine Life Tees and Gifts
What do scuba divers like to look at while on a dive? Marine life, of course! T-shirts and other gifts with aquatic animal designs. Dolphins, manatees, fish and more underwater animal designs.

Dive Talkin' Teddy Bear as seen in X-Ray Magazine